Know What To Expect During And After Knee Replacement Surgery

The protective cartilage that covers the ends of bones often wears down when people age. This condition is referred to as osteoarthritis and can result in painful joints, which may make it difficult to walk or climb up and down stairs. If you have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis and your condition is steadily worsening, your doctor may have mentioned knee replacement surgery. Be aware of what to expect with this type of surgery, including the recovery phase.

Benefits Of Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is a combination of joint manipulation like a chiropractic treatment, massage therapy, and physical therapy. The therapist uses their hands to knead and soothe the muscles while gently moving the joints if they are out of alignment. They will also perform range-of-motion exercises with your limbs and extremities. Most people like to have a manual therapy treatment to relax and ease some pain they may be experiencing. It is good for both chronic pain and acute pain, and can be very helpful after an accident or injury.

3 Foot Issues Seen In Diabetics

There are several types of foot problems that more often occur in people with diabetes. With more knowledge about what to look for when monitoring your feet, it will be easier for you or your caregiver to spot changes. Toenail Changes In diabetics, the toenails are more likely to change in thickness and also become brittle. If you are not routinely clipping your toenails, the longer they grow, the harder they will become to trim.

Tips For Preventing Sports Injuries

While some injuries will happen spontaneously as you play your favorite sport, many of them are avoidable if you simply take the right precautions. If you are about to begin a new sporting season and are concerned about getting injured, here are some of the best tips for preventing injury. Plan Recovery Time Whatever sport you play, it is not good to train seven days per week. You should plan to take at least one day off every week.

3 Fast Facts On Parkinson's Disease

Whether you read about it in a book or heard about the disease after a celebrity was diagnosed with it, Parkinson's is a real condition that affects many people each day. As a matter of fact, nearly one million people will be living with Parkinson's disease by 2020. Because of its prominence and how it can affect your everyday life, understanding the disease is imperative. This guide will give you a few essential facts to know about Parkinson's disease.