Same-Day Appointments In Health Care Clinics: FAQs

When you get sick or have a health situation, having a medical provider assess your situation as soon as possible is typically ideal. However, a lot of general medical practices are not able to get patients in on the same day they call for help. Nevertheless, there are some healthcare clinics that consistently offer same-day appointments to patients in need. Take a look at some of the most common questions patients tend to have about medical same-day appointments. 

Are same-day appointments always possible?

Whether or not same-day medical appointments are available will depend on what type of care provider you are working with and the volume of appointment requests. Most places that offer same-day appointments to patients have quite a few staff members and possibly several nurse practitioners all working in the same place. This allows them to bring patients in to be seen as requests come in. Naturally, there can be limitations during busier times when there are larger volumes of appointment requests. 

Do you get the same level of care during a same-day appointment as you would otherwise?

It is a common misconception that same-day healthcare clinics do not offer as extensive care during patient visits. However, this is not the case. You do get the same time and attention to your medical or health situation when you get a same-day appointment as you would at any other appointment. Doctors, nurses, and other medical providers have an obligation to provide the same level of care to every patient. Therefore, the fact that you needed a rapid appointment should not affect how you are treated during your visit. 

Are you charged more for medical same-day appointments?

Typically, medical care providers do not charge different amounts for same-day appointments or appointments that are made well in advance. For billing purposes, the same service is being provided. The only difference is the provider gets the patient in quickly. Therefore, pricing should be about the same. 

How is insurance handled with same-day appointments?

In most cases, the provider will check your insurance when you schedule the appointment. This may be done either over the phone or by submitting your insurance information online. This makes the check-in process quicker, which can be imperative at locations that offer rapid appointments. However, this will also let you know how much money you need to bring to cover the co-pay or your visit in most cases. 

For more information on same-day appointments, contact a professional near you.