Do Slip And Fall Injuries Require An Ambulance? Sometimes

Medical emergencies often require an ambulance for care, particularly if a person's overall health and well being are at serious risk. However, common situations, such as slips and falls, may not seem serious enough to keep this kind of care. That isn't always the case, as some people may need immediate medical attention from an ambulance if they fall.

Slip and Fall Injuries Can Be Dangerous

Slips and falls are among the most common types of injuries a person can suffer because it is very easy to trip and the types of injuries that they cause can be very problematic. This type of fall is probably most likely in the winter when ice has coated the sidewalk and made it much easier to slip. However, it is also possible to fall down when walking at any time, making this a year-round issue.

But is it one that requires an ambulance to manage? That's a question that is always important to ask before calling for medical help. Though a high-quality ambulance can provide detailed care for people suffering from any type of medical emergency, they may not always be necessary for a slip and fall situation. However, there are times when an ambulance is absolutely critical for this situation.

When to Call an Ambulance

Although a slip and fall may not be a serious problem in many cases, there are times when an ambulance is absolutely necessary. For example, if a person is bleeding, if they sprained a muscle or broke a bone, or if they can't get up off of the ground, an ambulance is critical because they have serious but non-life-threatening conditions that must be managed.

However, some slip and falls can be severe enough to need almost immediate ambulance calls. That's because these injuries may be life-threatening to a person. For example, slipping and falling and hitting the head can be a very dangerous health condition. And if they are cut so severely that the blood won't stop flowing, an ambulance is an absolute necessity for those in this situation.

And when an ambulance is necessary for treating a health condition, health insurance companies should be willing to help pay for this issue. A large number of policies have some type of ambulance coverage included to help those in this situation. So make sure to fully read the policy to know what kind of copay or deductible may be necessary for this unique situation.

For more information on ambulances, reach out to a local health care facility.