Benefits Of Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is a combination of joint manipulation like a chiropractic treatment, massage therapy, and physical therapy. The therapist uses their hands to knead and soothe the muscles while gently moving the joints if they are out of alignment. They will also perform range-of-motion exercises with your limbs and extremities. Most people like to have a manual therapy treatment to relax and ease some pain they may be experiencing. It is good for both chronic pain and acute pain, and can be very helpful after an accident or injury. However, it is important to understand that there are other benefits to manual therapy and you may want to consider a treatment even if you are feeling good.

Increased Range of Motion

If you have not been active and stretching for a few years, your joints and muscles tend to become stiff and not very flexible. While you may not be experiencing any pain, it can make different actions and movements difficult if not impossible. The range of motion exercises done during a manual therapy treatment help to stretch everything out. In addition, this keeps your internal organs working more fluidly. You will experience a greater lung capacity, your digestive system will work easier, and you will feel better over all when your body is not taut and compressed.

Increased Performance

As mentioned above, the range of motion exercises done during a manual therapy treatment can loosen your joints and muscles and allow them to move easier and further. This will increase your athletic performance regardless of what it is you do. Of course, in addition to increasing the range of motion, the passive exercises also strengthen the muscles and allow them to receive more oxygen. During any sporting event, you want to keep your muscles limber, strong, and well oxygenated. This will prevent cramping and a lactic acid build up that will cause you to slow down or stop completely.

Manual therapy services are not a replacement if you have been referred to a chiropractor or physical therapist to take care of a major injury or health problem. It is a very good way to reduce pain, increase your performance, relax, and keep your body in good working condition. If you have been slacking off on your physical activity for a few years due to life getting in the way, incorporating regular manual therapy treatments into your life can help you regain a healthy body so you feel and look good regardless of your age.