Post-Baby Body Blues? 2 Quick, Easy Ways To Boost Your Body Confidence After Having A Baby

If you are like many women, you likely welcomed the changes to your body that occurred while you were pregnant, especially your cute "baby belly" that kept expanding as your new little one grew inside of you. However, now that you have had your baby, you may be wondering just when your body will "snap back" to the shape it was in before your pregnancy. If you are dealing with a little "baby weight," then you likely know that getting back to your pre-baby weight relies on simply watching what you eat and getting some exercise in when you can. 

While losing baby weight to improve your post-baby body confidence can take some time, read on to learn about two quick and easy ways to boost your body confidence in the meantime. 

1. Consider Thermiva For Body Confidence Inside the Bedroom and Out

Some women experience vaginal changes after having a baby, and these changes can include new laxity in the vaginal canal, a new tendency to "drip" when holding in their urine, and changes in the appearance of their labia. However, many don't realize that there is a completely non-invasive procedure that can reverse these changes that can happen after childbirth called Thermiva. 

Thermiva is a form of radiofrequency vaginal tightening, and since each session takes an average of just 30 minutes to complete, you can have this non-invasive procedure performed on your lunch break or later in the day when the little one's father is supervising their nap. Some women need just one session to obtain the results they desire, while others opt for 2-3 sessions for maximum vaginal rejuvenation. 

Radiofrequency vaginal rejuvenation has been shown in studies to be completely safe, and the studies also show that most women who obtain it are satisfied with their results. 

2. Revamp Your Skincare Routine to Restore Your Pregnancy "Glow" and Eliminate Melasma

Along with enjoying your "baby bump" during pregnancy, you may have also enjoyed the way your skin seemed to "glow" during pregnancy. However, like two out of three pregnant women, you may have also developed melasma on your skin, which consists of blotches of dark pigmentation that often take time to fade after a woman has had her baby. 

You can boost your self-confidence by both restoring your pregnancy glow (without having to get pregnant again just yet!) and eliminating melasma when you revamp your skincare routine. It is believed that the glowing skin many women have while they are pregnant is simply due to the added moisture in their skin during this time when their bodies are holding onto excess water. To restore the glow, begin using an extra-moisturizing skin cream twice a day and enjoy a moisturizing skincare mask once a week as a special treat. 

There are several types of skincare products that can eliminate melasma, but if you are breastfeeding, you want to take care to choose one that is safe to use during this time. A melasma treatment that is safe to use while breastfeeding is a cream or serum that contains about 4-percent niacinamide. This has been shown in studies to eliminate melasma as effectively as hydroquinone, which is a prescription skin-bleaching cream. Niacinamide is a form of vitamin B, so you can feel good about using this natural alternative to chemical bleaching cream.

Restoring your body confidence after having a baby can be tough. If you are battling to lose a few pounds of "baby weight," then you may be eager to boost your self-confidence more quickly than slow, steady weight loss can take. Try one or both of these quick ways to boost your body confidence back to where it was before you had a baby or even higher! 

For more information, talk with professionals at health care clinics, like Caring For Women.