Emergency Eye Care

You may have heard the saying "It's always fun until someone loses an eye." This line usually brings a laugh while also making people wince. Losing an eye is a fear for many people, and although it is relatively rare, it is a real danger in some circumstances. If your eye receives an injury, you need to know what to do and what the consequences can be.


Your eye can be scratched in any number of ways, including rubbing it when it has dirt or sand beneath the lid. Your pet puppy may nick it or the new baby might. You might scratch it with your own fingernail while trying to remove a clump of mascara. Although your eye will probably turn red and become sensitive to light, these are not your main worries. A scratched eye can easily become infected, something that can threaten your vision. You need to see medical treatment immediately so that you can receive antibiotic drops to prevent an infection from developing. While you wait, keep your hands off your eye. Rubbing will only make the injury worse.


If your eye is punctured by something sharp like a stick or rod and that object stays in your eye, do not remove it or adjust it. Loosely wrap the bandage around your eye and the object and then seek medical treatment. If the object isn't still in your eye, you still need to wrap your eye, but do it quite loosely so you do not apply harmful pressure. Have someone immediately take you to the emergency room. Although this type of injury is frightening, skilled ophthalmologists can often treat your eye and save your vision.

Globe Luxation

Some people suffer from a condition that means their eyes can pop out of the socket. Others can have their eye popped out when someone hits it. Fortunately, this condition can often be corrected without your losing any vision, but the eye must be stabilized and not left to dangle; otherwise, the optic nerve could be damaged. The doctor can often replace the eye simply by pressing it into place, but sometimes need they need to use a tool. Medications will also be prescribed.

Advances in medical techniques mean that many serious eye injuries can be effectively treated, especially if you know what to do in the immediate aftermath. Even an ink pen in the eye can sometimes be overcome without loss of vision. Follow the above instructions and immediately seek medical help and your odds of recovery improve. Contact a clinic like Burnsville Family Physicians for more information.